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GerMedUSA Inc. safeguards the sensitive information of our online visitors, ensuring that access to the data we collect remains restricted. Our commitment extends beyond legal compliance; we strive to foster a trustworthy relationship with our customers. 

The Privacy Policy Declaration articulates our dedication to securing all personally shared and collected information for website visitors. We explicitly affirm that we neither intend to share, transfer, store, nor sell customers’ sensitive information or customized surgical instrument ideas through any medium.

Collected Information and its Usage

Visitors’ personal information is gathered with their explicit consent and securely stored on our protected server. Leveraging advanced technology, our IT professionals diligently prevent any unauthorized access. Under no circumstances do we share details of your purchases with third parties. The information we collect serves various purposes, including newsletters, sales updates, promotions, and other relevant news beneficial to visitors. To cease these communications, you can either unsubscribe or email us. 

Your credit card information is inaccessible externally; our credit card processing service involves manual verification against your name, billing address, and CVV number with the respective bank to tackle fraudulent transactions.


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