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Orthopedic Retractors for Surgeons

We aim to assist orthopedic surgeons with our specially designed Orthopedic Retractors. These German stainless steel instruments are available in several variations.

What’s unique about our orthopedic retractors?

Ergonomic design and European-grade German stainless steel make our orthopedic retractors unique and valuable.

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What Makes Our Orthopedic Retractors Valuable?

icons Stainless Steel
German Stainless Steel

The surgical-grade German stainless steel makes our orthopedic retractors durable and long-lasting.

Reusable icon
Ergonomically Designed

We design each of our orthopedic retractors keeping in mind surgeons’ convenience and procedure requirements.


Our orthopedic retractors are corrosion-resistant owing to their premium-quality manufacturing material.

icons Varations
Multiple Variations

Orthopedists can meet their requirements by choosing from a variety of our self-retaining and hand-held orthopedic retractors.

About the Product

Our Orthopedic Retractors are specially designed to assist orthopedic surgeons during different procedures. These high-end instruments can expose the surgical site in an atraumatic matter. We offer these retracting instruments in a wide range of self-retaining and hand-held patterns. For each procedure, there’s a specific retractor available.

Our orthopedic retractors are helpful in retracting and holding back muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, skin, tissues, and edges of wounds and incisions. Moreover, these instruments are made of German stainless steel. So these are reusable and corrosion-resistant.

about Orthopedic Retractors

Last week, for first time, I used gelpi retractor by germedusa. The tool is really easy to operate. Better than those I used earlier.

    Isla Adler

    I’m an orthopedic surgeon, and I’ve been using germedusa tools for 6 years. A few days ago, the Beckman Adson retractor, the one with blunt prongs, really helped me during the spinal procedure. Its self-retaining system is amazing.

      Huxley S. Arthur

      I want to thank Germedusa as their Bennett tibia retractor proved valuable when it became hard to hold back the tibial tissues. My procedure went smooth and trauma-free.

        Ledger Elijah


        To ensure improved durability, we have made our orthopedic retractors from surgical-grade German stainless steel.